Bullying Prevention
To kick off Bullying Prevention Month, I designed and animated this short video to encourage everyone to "Choose Kindness". The video was shared across all ABC7 social platforms as well as to our 7 other Disney owned stations across the nation. 
Fortune Cookie Day
What better way to celebrate Fortune Cookie Day (yes, it's a thing) than to visit your local cookie factory! I took to the streets of Chinatown, shot some quick video, then animated and edited a short video to share our unique gem with the world!

Take A Hike
Creating content is great when you get to combine your love of the outdoors with typography, animation & friends! When I heard there was a day devoted to getting outdoors, I jumped on the opportunity to create something fun and unique that ABC7 could share!
Harvey Milk Day
"Speak your truth. Every voice has power." Moving words (written by Producer, Dan Kreiter) used to help elevate an already powerful Bay Area icon. Not much needed in terms of inspiration here. The words, images and emotions speak for themselves. 
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